Looks like I will have a friend of mine up in Tinley in October.  Long story short- If you need a rack or cage delivered to that show contact me and we will set it up.  It does not look like space will allow for bringing extra to display /sell so pre-sold deliveries only.  In addition he will have the usual hide boxes, stainless, thermostats, etc on hand.  You can email me (Rich) at sales@reptilebasics.com with questions/requests.

I have someone else who has arranged to attend the upcoming Repticon Tampa show as well as the Charlotte show.   Stu will be going with supplies but no racks for the Tampa and will have racks for the Charlotte show.  You can email him at stu@allproshipping.com if you have any requests/questions.  Stu also hits most of the Repticons in the Southeast (Atlanta, etc) so you can email him if you have something specific you need.

I will be in White Plains this coming weekend for the Sept. 12 show.   Hope to see you there.  Remember- we are down on the floor across from the stage/Komodo Reptiles now!